Open Day

We had our open day workshop today! It was really cool. There was a classroom full of students doing some amazing work. We provided them with many different materials to make their work, except for the typography sheets – Kat had printed them on the day we designed them but since then they had gone missing somewhere so she had to go and make some new ones. She brought back a gigantic stack of typography sheets.

At the beginning, Tara introduced the students to the whole concept of how our studio works and what we do. She then went on to talk them through the workshop and talked about risograph printing for a bit. Soon after, the students started making some work to be riso printed.
After printing, they all went on to make some badges for themselves with the badge maker, guided by Silvia and Kat. I was documenting the whole thing and uploading to social media, talking about our open day workshop. It was great fun!

There was a bit of a mess to clean up afterwards when everyone left, but that’s just the creative process.

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